Alexander Thurau


Specialist attorney for industrial property protection


Attorney since 2004.

Fields of activity:


As a specialist attorney for intellectual property law, attorney Thurau has outstanding expertise, especially in trademark and competition law. The focus of his activities includes the registration and defense of German trademarks, Union trademarks and internationally registered trademarks (so-called IR trademarks), as well as the examination and creation of (trademark) license agreements. The prosecution or defense against trademark violations - also in the context of so-called unauthorized parallel imports - by means of a warning or, if necessary, (injunctive relief) are areas in which the lawyer Thurau is particularly well versed. The same applies to the pursuit and defense against potential competition violations. Last but not least, all legal issues relating to copyright and design law - including the registration of designs / designs at German and / or European level - compliments his service portfolio.


Foreign language:


  • English


  • German Bar Association (DAV) eV / Wiesbaden Attorneys and Notaries Association

  • German Association for Intellectual Property and Copyright Law (GRUR) e.V.