Commercial and Corporate Law

Do you have an idea for an business goal that you want to achieve with others? Are you looking to  optimize the corporate legal structure for your company? Are you involved in internal disputes with fellow shareholders? Then we can assist you with qualified advice in the legal corporate design as well as in protecting your interests in the dispute.

Among other questions of company optimization, the question of the form of cooperation, the question of the optimal organization under company law must be asked from the start in every phase of the company.


Due to extensive work with and in companies, familiarity with civil partnerships (GbR) to joint stock companies including extensive supervisory board work, as well as experience in holding general meetings, preparing and managing general meetings of listed stock corporations, we offer practical and company-related advice for the bedrock of your company.

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Rechtsanwalt Roland Paule

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Johannes Zimmermann