Trademark and Copyright Law

Trademark law is everywhere.

Behind these brands - mostly marked with ® or TM - is more than just a technical marketing aspect. Nowadays, brands are a significant, if not the value-adding factor of a product, sometimes even of an entire company. A "strong" brand helps to distinguish one's own product from that of competitors and thus make it unique. With that in mind, a long-term successful positioning on the market without using a "suitable brand" is hardly imaginable.

Together with our clients, we develop brand strategies that are based on the respective circumstances and coordinated with them. On the basis of the brand strategy orientation we have developed, we will accompany your trademark applications or trademark registrations from the start. In many cases we can offer you our services at fixed prices - just ask for our current price list. This includes national registrations in Germany (DE trademarks) as well as Europe-wide registrations (EU trademarks) with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante / Spain or international registrations (IR trademarks) with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ) in Geneva / Switzerland. Our extensive network of correspondence attorneys around the world also offers the possibility of national trademark registrations in the respective foreign country.

Another important part of trademark law are all measures in the field of trademark protection. Such measures should always be considered if one of your brands - or a symbol at least similar to this brand - is used by a third party without the appropriate consent. Here we work for you both in and out of court. In addition to warnings under trademark law, with our support you can request a provisional injunction and / or initiate a cease and dessist lawsuit .

Finally, in the course of our consulting activities, we draft all trademark-related contracts such as purchase agreements, transfer agreements and trademark license agreements. Your individual needs are also the central starting point for our joint considerations.


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