Tax Law & Criminal Tax Law


Not only companies or their managing directors or board members are increasingly targeted by tax investigators, private individuals are also exposed to increasing risks, if only because of the complexity of German tax law.


(Criminal) tax proceedings are not just about a high tax burden, penalties, fines or monetary requirements. The secondary consequences of allegations of tax related criminal law can also be serious and endanger the economic existence. Such side effects can be


  • the denial of tax rights,

  • claiming back taxes for up to ten years,

  • asset skimming measures,

  • interest on additional tax claims,

  • liability for third-party tax debts or the loss of official permits that require particular reliability (e.g. business license, professional permits, etc.)


The law firm PAULE UND PARTNER offers you qualified advice, representation and defense in all procedural stages in tax law and criminal tax law. Our idea is to run and complete a process as efficiently and silently as possible. However, when it comes down to it, we are at your side as experienced lawyers and criminal defense lawyers and conduct proceedings in a litigious and vigorous manner. We also support our clients with preventive advice to identify risks related to criminal tax law at an early stage.


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