Commercial Law and White Collar Crime


Entrepreneurs are particularly exposed to the risk of claims against private individuals, but also from state institutions, not least of all criminal investigations. In commercial law, we particularly represent directors, board members and supervisory boards, but also the companies themselves.


In addition to the "classic" advice on civil law and criminal defense, this also includes the best possible representation in the numerous side effects of civil or criminal proceedings.


We advise and defend you on the following issues:


  • Company formation

  • Disputes between investors, shareholders and third institutions

  • Bankruptcy delay, bankruptcy actions, withholding and embezzlement of social security contributions, violation of accounting obligations, allegation of illegal work

  • Corruption offenses (e.g. bribery & corruptibility)

  • Asset offenses (e.g. fraud, embezzlement)

  • Tax evasion (e.g. sales tax evasion)

  • Property offenses (e.g. theft)


... and in every situation of the process


  • Investigation (e.g. after search, subpoena, warrant)

  • Intermediate proceedings (after indictment)

  • Main trial proceedings

  • Appeal and revision


The many years of experience, professional training and continuous further education guarantee both the necessary assertiveness, the criminal procedural know-how and the necessary sensitivity when dealing with opponents and authorities.


Your contacts:



Rechtsanwalt Dr. Sören Gemmerich


Rechtsanwalt Roland Paule